Youth Bands

Rock School, Youth Bands - DeAngelis Studio of Music, Haverhill, MA

Do you want to join a band or pop group?  Then you found the right place! First, get started by taking instrument or vocal lessons. Our staff of teachers is the best around, and they will get you band-ready! Next, come to our jam sessions – this is a great way to get introduced toContinue Reading

Jam Sessions

Rock School, Youth Bands, Jam Sessions - DeAngelis Studio of Music, Haverhill, MA

A great way to start working with other musicians! Our Jam Sessions are weekly 1-1/2 hour rehearsals on a large stage with lots of pro-equipment. Open to all ages but must be at a level to play complete songs. An awesome way to gain stage experience! All jammers must bring Guitar, Bass, Instrument Cables andContinue Reading

Voice & Singing

Instrument and Voice Lessons - DeAngelis Studio of Music, Haverhill, MA

Our voice teachers primarily focus on popular music. If you have always wanted to be a better rock, pop, country, jazz, gospel or R&B singer, then we have the right voice teachers for you. Students spend time each week doing physical exercises to improve their vocal range, ear training, breath control, vibrato, tone production, enunciationContinue Reading

Piano & Keyboard

Piano & Keyboard Lessons - DeAngelis Studio of Music, Haverhill, MA

Our piano teachers teach a variety of styles, from classical to popular music. Whether you want to learn Bach or Alicia Keys, our teachers are happy to help you become the pianist you want to be. Members of our piano faculty have warm personalities and enjoy sharing their love for the piano with you, and will showContinue Reading

Drums & Percussion

Drum Lessons - DeAngelis Studio of Music, Haverhill, MA

At DeAngelis Studio, we have the most professional drum lesson room in Haverhill and the Merrimack Valley, with a full size acoustic and electronic drum kit for students to use. Our drum instructors teach rock, metal, jazz, funk, blues and many other styles. Drum language can be complex and our instructors will challenge any drummer with aContinue Reading

Guitar & Bass

Guitar & Bass Lessons - DeAngelis Studio of Music, Haverhill, MA

Want to “learn how to play guitar?” – or have you been thinking about rocking out on the bass? This is something you don’t want to do with the wrong teacher or on your own! We see it everyday – students come to us with bad habits that are hard to break. Want to beContinue Reading