Ali – Vocals, Performance & Guitar Teacher

Ali, Singing teacher - DeAngelis Studio of Music, Haverhill, MA
Ali is a professional Music Therapist, Guitar and Voice instructor, and an active performer. Among her many accomplishments she has sung at Carnegie Hall, performed for the United Nations, written music with John Mayor, and created a song for UNICEF. More about our teachers Contact us to learn more Reserve your spot!

Amanda – Vocals, Piano and Theatre Teacher

Amanda, Instructor for Piano & Keyboard, & Singing - DeAngelis Studio of Music, Haverhill, MA
Amanda holds her bachelor’s degree from Endicott College. her passion is teaching, and she loves working with both kids and adults. Her specialty is musical theater and acting and she also enjoys the challenge of learning foreign languages. Amanda is a high-energy, highly focused individual with an eye for detail and a taste for the unique.Continue Reading

Ian – Piano/Keyboard and Guitar Teacher

Ian, Instructor for Piano & Keyboard- DeAngelis Studio of Music, Haverhill, MA
Ian is a professional musical entrepreneur focusing on piano, songwriting, and audio engineering. He is a published songwriter with songs appearing on Access Hollywood, 90210, and various other shows. Under the guidance of his father, Marty (Berklee Professor and multiple Gold Record winning session guitarist who worked with artists such as Eddie Money, Dolly Parton,Continue Reading

Craig – Drum Teacher

Craig, Drum teacher - DeAngelis Studio of Music, Haverhill, MA
Craig, a graduate of Berklee, specializes in Rock and Jazz styles. Craig’s vast live experience includes various forms of music, from rock to jazz, fusion to funk, to free improvisation.  His strict teaching methods and free improvisation  have helped to form the basis for his style of teaching and playing — Improvisation to develop a musician’sContinue Reading

Sarah – Vocals, Piano & Drum Teacher

Sarah holds her bachelor’s in music from the University of Massachusetts in Boston with a concentration on classical and musical theatre and has been performing for over 13 years. Sarah is a unique and energetic person who helps students with singing technique, confidence, range, and will adapt lessons to individuals needs. She can teach allContinue Reading

Aaron – Drum Teacher

Aaron, Drum teacher - DeAngelis Studio of Music, Haverhill, MA
Aaron began playing drums at a very young age and studied at both Berklee College of Music and Keene State College, with a focus on music performance. Aaron’s experience includes working with kids and adults, through all skill levels and music genres, and teaching has become his passion. As an active performer of over 13Continue Reading

Arthur – Guitar & Voice Teacher

Arthur, teacher for Guitar & Bass - DeAngelis Studio of Music, Haverhill, MA
Arthur studied at Berklee College of Music where his focus was on music performance and music theropy. Having been from a very musical family, Arthur has been playing guitar and performing in vocal groups since he was a child. Arthur has studied all genres of music and has a developed a love for teaching, songContinue Reading

Dean, Guitar, Bass, Violin & Horns Teacher

Dean, teacher for Guitar & Bass - DeAngelis Studio of Music, Haverhill, MA
Dean has been performing and teaching guitar for over twenty years.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in guitar performance and a master’s degree in music education from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. Dean has extensive experience with a wide variety of guitar styles including rock, blues, classical, pop, metal and shred. He also has aContinue Reading