DeAngelis Studio’s First Annual “Original Music Showcase”

Who better to give feedback to our young bands as they find their own original style than their peers? Getting together one Saturday afternoon in their familiar and comfortable space, “DeAngelis Studio’s Concert Room, one by one the bands hop-up on stage and display their work.

One distinct advantage D.S. Bands have is the inspiration and training they get from working on a professional stage with great equipment and sound, giving them the feel of a real venue.

From the initial steps of writing the music, creating the lyrics and finding that perfect title the next step is the “not so easy” recording process. The difference between recorded music and playing live is – you can’t hide mistakes. Recording can be very intimidating and extremely time-consuming till you get those parts, “just right”. Starting with a guitar “scratch track” next comes drums, then bass, rhythm guitar, solos and finally vocals and back-up vocals.

And it doesn’t stop there. Next the mixing process begins, which is what gives the song it’s “feel” and “power”.- this is also no quick process. Once the mixing is perfected the song is “mastered” which makes the song “radio-ready”.

As the musicians grow in the band program they learn a great deal about creating and playing music and all the work that goes into it. But it is all worth it when you can stream your own song just like the famous bands you love!

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LeatherShark – “Fuel From The Fire”

Our youngest band’s original song was described as “Pop-Rock” with high energy and considered both original and commercial. Most musicians said LeatherShark reminded them of “No-Doubt”.

Jams – “Puff”

Our teens put together a song in just a few rehearsals and “Grunge” was the style most commented. The song was also considered energetic and original with a touch of emotion. “Green Day” was the band they compared them to.

Deviant (Jake) – “That is What I’m Looking For”

Deviant with Jake on lead vocals was considered a “Rock” style with a few comments of “Alternative” or “Pop-Rock”. The song was considered emotional and original. “Radio Head” is the band the musicians felt Deviant reminded them of.

Deviant (Brittany) – “Come Crashing Down”

Deviant with Brittany’s on vocals was described as a “Singer/Song-writer” genre with lots of energy. The artist that Brittany reminded them of was “Taylor Swift”.

Black Diamonds – “Out for Me”

Black Diamonds’ original was equally considered “Pop-Rock” and “Alternative”. When describing the song “Energetic” was commented numerous time with mention of emotional and original. They were compared to “Pink” and “Finger 11”.

The Blast – (Cover) “Before He Cheats”

The Blast is working hard to complete their first original but were described as Energetic “Rock” which reminded some of “Joan Jett”.

Bundle-Up! – “Aaron’s Story”

This trio’s original song “Aaron’s Story” was described as “Power-Pop” and “Alternative”. Both energetic and emotional feel was expressed and Bungle-Up reminded the musicians of “Weezer”.

Spur of The Moment – “Georgia 2”

What came to mind hearing Spur of the Moment’s original was an Indie-Pop style.  The original song “Georgia 2” was considered mainly emotional but also original.  Spur of The Moment was compared to Joan Jett.


BunkerHill – “Prepare”

BunkerHill’s heavy hitting song “Prepare” was described as “Rock”, “Heavy-Rock” and “Metal”. Their original was considered emotional and reminded one of the musicians of the band “Born of Osiris”.

CRMJ – “Alien Inside”

CRMJ, the initials of all the band members, played original “Alien Inside”. The song was equally considered either “Rock” or “Pop-Rock. Described equally with Energetic, Original and Emotional, they were compared to “Muse” and “Motely Crue”.