Jam Sessions

A great way to start working with other musicians!  Weekly 1 1/2 hour rehearsals on a large stage with lots of pro-equipment.  Open to all ages but must be at a level to play complete songs.  Awesome way to gain stage experience!

All jammers must bring Guitar, Bass, Instrument Cables and Drum Sticks. We provide Amps, Drums and Keyboards.

Saturdays: only  $15 per session

11:30-1:00pm  Young Jammers (ages 7-11)

Great program for the young rocker, Kids get together, Jam and have lots of fun!! Many of our jammers bring their friends to join in .

 1:00pm-2:30  Teen Jammers (ages 12-18)

This is one of the ways we pick musicians for our well known Award Winning Teen Bands. Many of the teen jammers start in Jams then graduate into our Rock School Program.

Jams are a fun and great place to start.

Stay tuned for the Adult Jams time.